We Produce Tree Essences and Herbal Remedies Infused with Tree Essences to help maintain Physical and Emotional Well-Being for you, your family, and your animals!

At Journey to Botanicals, we are dedicated to helping you address emotional challenges with the natural healing power of tree essences.

We also are designing herbal remedies infused with tree essences to help you address both physical and emotional challenges.

Keep checking back as we continue to add to the line of products.

What Are Essences?

Our Essences are subtle liquid extracts made from trees. The original discovery of flower essences was made by Dr. Edward Bach, MD in the late 1920’s. Dr. Bach discovered by placing a small part of the plant in pure water and using the power of the sun to draw out the properties, the water became magnetized with a potent uncontaminated power of the plant. Instead of a polarity as in the process of homeopathy, it created a potentization which became the interaction of energy and matter or as it is called SYNERGY. No trees are destroyed in the making of our essences. Only a small amount of leaves, fruit, flower twig or bark is used!

What are Essences Used For?

These potent vibrational  tree essences are used to release emotional feelings which in turn corrects imbalances that have been brought about by our everyday lives.  The goal is to work on the emotional feelings you are feeling at present and eventually work on long-term underlying feelings  that have affected you for a lifetime, taking one step at a time to becoming the new you. Tree Essences can be used for primary healing programs or as an add on to traditional and natural healthcare.

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Tree Essences for Natural Healing made in USA

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